The Effortless Swing® Approach for Optimal Golf

Deep down inside, every golfer knows what it means to swing effortlessly.
You know that time when somehow the club head meets the ball in such a way
that the ball lifts and flies, with no effort at all.

The EffortlessSwing® approach for optimal golf demonstrates to golfers how they can become a more consistent, focused and powerful golfer
by learning to use minimum effort for maximum gain.

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Do you hold your breath when you address the ball?
Do you clench your teeth and grip the club way too tightly?
Your worst enemy could be yourself!

Golf is a series of effortless swings
Golf is a game of consistency
Golf is a game of inches
Golf is a game of the MIND

The EffortlessSwing® approach is a series of movement/awareness lessons designed to bring every golfer back to their natural, easy movements known before age, injury, and stress interfered.

As a participant you are guided through specialized movement lessons out of the context of your golf swing and performed on a mat or in a chair. The sequences are designed to create optimal neuromuscular-skeletal organization that supports posture and safer spinal movement. The process heightens your focus, attention and curiosity with an inquiry-growth mindset for continuous improvement. The attention to HOW you move (away from learning the skill of the swing) as well as the actual movements of the lessons transfer into better balance, alignment and timing for your golf swing.


Golfers at all levels find benefits. This includes the scratch golfer who takes time to study the game, the new golfer experiencing difficulty with their swing, the seasoned golfer who has been injured, and the pro, constantly looking for new programs that can improve consistency and power with their students' golf game.


Program Includes:

  1. Introduction & Preparation 
  2. Connecting Your Arms to Your Pelvis – Lying on Your Back, Reaching 
  3. Connecting Your Arms to Your Pelvis – Side-lying, Reaching
  4. Balancing Through Your Central Axis – Connecting the Arm to the Pelvis
  5. Balancing Through Your Central Axis – Connection of Head to Spine
  6. Your Central Axis – Your Spine – Bending and Arching
  7. Your Central Axis – Your Spine – Rotating and Turning
  8. Dynamic Balance – Circling Around Your Hip Joints
  9. Dynamic Balance – Rotating Around Your Spine
  10. Dynamic Balance – Repeat Action Scan with seven Iron


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